Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Book Has Arrived

It's my great pleasure to say my first book has been published by FriesenPress.  Many thanks to my editors and the professionals at FreisenPress for helping me tell this story.  It has been such an interesting process and I hope you enjoy the read!

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From jail to the Olympics - the true story of how one woman brought the beauty of flowers into a maximum security prison and forever changed the lives of the women prisoners and the correctional administration.  Amongst murderers, prostitutes, drug dealers and addicts, June Strandberg taught the art of flower arranging. She battled prison officials to allow her women access to scissors, knives, rose strippers, wire cutters and a bolt cutter.  For June, her project and vision was wasn’t about what the women had done to get themselves incarcerated; it was about what they could become. 

One of the highlights of success came in 2008 when June and her team, together with another professional florist, Margitta Schulz, secured the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic bid to create the victory bouquets. The success behind this achievement was June's enduring belief in her vision, to truly see how the beauty of flowers could transform the soul. 

June’s biography is a poetic gift and in her own words she describes the true meaning of flower power and gives us a rare glimpse of life behind seven locked doors.

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